We were contacted by Colin Payne Exhibition Designer from the Department of Natural History for the South African Musem asking for permission to use our photo of Peter sitting in the living chair. Colin explains the exhibition best.

This is the email Colin sent to us.

“We are busy planning an exhibition on Charles Darwin at the South African Museum, to be opened in November. This year is the 200th anniversary of his birth as well as the 150th anniversary of the publication of ‘On the Origin of Species’. It’s not well known, but Darwin visited Cape Town during his voyage on the Beagle. Central to the exhibition will be a primate display. This display focuses on humans and our closest living relatives, the chimps, and other primates  – the gorillas and orang-utans. A central case will contain skeletons of the different species. Associated with this case will be panels containing the textual information and we would like to have images of the species in these panels. I was putting together a presentation on the proposed design of the exhibition and was looking for some pictures to use in describing the primate display. I was Googling for an image of a person in a green setting that I can use in this section, using searches such as “person tree”, and of course found your site. I found the attached image and showed it to the curator of the exhibition, and we agreed that it could be very useful in the exhibition. In addition to being an image of a modern person in a natural setting, there is a  “reminiscence” of Darwin in the image, and the tree chair that you are sitting on ties in very well with the evolutionary tree of life, an image that we want to weave into the exhibition wherever we can. The chair is also a wonderful example of human ingenuity (your work is amazing by the way), and it is our brain that is our most distinct Darwinian feature and our biggest advantage in the world. I realise that this isn’t an everyday request, but would you consider letting us use this image for our exhibition? “

Of couse we said yes, the exhibition when ahead and below are the photos Colin sent to us.

cape town exibition cape town

In the first photo is Professor Chris Stringer who opened the exhibition: Research Leader in Human Origins and Director of AHOB, Dept of Palaeontology, Natural History Museum, London.

cape town cape town cape town

In the other photos is Colin Payne Thank you for asking us to be part of this exhibition.


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