Pooktre Trees Heading


The year on each photo refers to the Spring of the planting, if there are two dates shown then the second date refers to autumn of harvest.

Some trees are never to be harvested and will continue to become more majestic with each season that passes.

I also update this site, with the changing of the seasons. With more information or photos.

two grown people two grown people late afternoon sun on tree person

Living tree people

night photo of a tree person in bloom tree people living tree person The ballerina

For more photos of Living tree people

early photo of grown garden table living_garden_table_becky_and_pete living garden table

Living Garden Tables

for more photos of the Garden Table

close up photo of coffee table coffeetable1.jpg (77827 bytes) coffeetable2.jpg (70492 bytes)

coffeetablemymirror.jpg (71405 bytes) coffeetable3.jpg (70008 bytes)

Coffee Table in progress

finished.jpg (71124 bytes) finished table.jpg (72643 bytes)

For video of above pieces Click here

One Meter diameter glass 15 mm thick claw set in the finished coffee table

for more languages go to http://world.altavista.com/tr

mirror2.jpg (146847 bytes)beckymirror.jpg (259297 bytes)mirror.jpg (70102 bytes)mirror1.jpg (105842 bytes)

mirrorclose.jpg (72185 bytes)mirrortable.jpg (114391 bytes)mirrorfamily.jpg (70949 bytes)


From growing in the ground to us reflected within the mirror.

06.jpg (71592 bytes)

The back view of the mirror, stain glass

This the back view of Becky’s mirror

Story behind the mirror.

For video of Becky Mirror Click here

grown neckpiece growing hand mirror

drawing01.jpg (69182 bytes) bigteardropmirror.jpg (75709 bytes) growing wall mirror

drawing02.jpg (72701 bytes) smallteardropmirror.jpg (76334 bytes)

Designed and planted in 2000. These two mirrors show the precision achievable.

brinmirrors.jpg (70195 bytes) johnfristmirror.jpg (70079 bytes) amazingman.jpg (73375 bytes) helloman.jpg (70555 bytes) bed.jpg (77744 bytes)

Bed ends at world expo Japan 2005

hellohead1.jpg (104181 bytes) helloman1.jpg (226139 bytes) hello2.jpg (73844 bytes) hellohead.jpg (87915 bytes)

This is known as Hello Man We spent 4 years wondering where it was going to end up. It is now the mascot  for the Growing Village.

chair.jpg (152793 bytes) brinchair.jpg (70554 bytes)

This chair was havested in the winter of 2005

pookgardenchair.jpg (165679 bytes) gradenchair01.jpg (178153 bytes)

1998 Pook designed and planted this Garden Chair that is to remain alive.

It is the first of our living chairs.

Garden Chair Photos and Story

smallplum.jpg (70293 bytes) Small shaping of plum tree wild plum with a small design

Here are four stages of this tree’s life to date.

teardropglass1.jpg (133450 bytes)glassteardrop.jpg (104337 bytes)teardropglass2.jpg (118496 bytes)glassteardrop01.jpg (71928 bytes)

hatstand.jpg (115543 bytes) tree.jpg (58442 bytes) grown wall mirror now a living art hatstand1.jpg (113332 bytes)

peteandhatstand.jpg (100677 bytes) peteonchair.jpg (172019 bytes)

The hat stand and chair trees have now been pruned to maximum and we are now going to grow some other pieces, maybe a mirror or two with the regrowth.

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