My Mirror Heading

In the winter of 1997 Pete come up with the idea of utilizing the roots into the design of some of the Pooktre pieces.

As we were planting one of the trees, Pete showed me how to plant the roots, and said “If you like I’ll grow you a mirror”. (Not the type of offer one gets ever day.)

During that winter Pete and I sat in the candle lit kitchen near our wood stove. Talking about design and the three pieces that Pete had planted last year and the strange things that trees do. Two of the first three Pooktre are now at the world expo 2005 in Japan.

One night Pete reminded me about the mirror he had planted for me. His main reason for doing so, was to try and get me as enthusiastic about the trees as he was. I spent that night designing her.

I had decided that she was to be a make up mirror that stood on the table. A 1920’s woman’s face was the inspiration for the overall feel of the piece. The design incorporated Pete’s shaping of the roots for her to stand upon. With the roots in mind I set about designing the above ground part of the tree.

After the designing part we had to wait until spring to start the design growing. I had no idea that it would be eight years before I would be able to see myself reflected by her. I only had my mirror a week before she left home for the world expo in Japan. She promised to be home after six months, but now has changed her mind and is not sure when she will be home again.

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