These are our visting Tree people.

amazingman.jpg (73375 bytes)

This is our first person tree.

front view of stick tree person two grown people grown stick person three quarters view grown stick person front view three quarter view of tree person

Going back to childhood drawings of stick people was the inspiration for our next person tree. The beauty of this is everyone knows what a stick figure drawing looks like and everyone knows what tree looks like. Our person trees show both in a new light.

sitting tree person grown sitting person tree helloman.jpg (70555 bytes) helloman1.jpg (226139 bytes)
hello2.jpg (73844 bytes)
hellohead.jpg (87915 bytes) living tree person

The ballerina grown ballerina grown

The next evolution, creating the chest.

two grown people late afternoon sun on tree person night photo of a tree person in bloom tree person back view of tree person back view of two tree persons one tree person with shadow of the other tree person and Pete's shadow Living tree people grown people treee front view grown person tree grown people treee three quarter view two grown people trees tree people close up of tree person three people trees

A group people trees allow for expressions of feeling, that a single tree person is unable to convey. Imagine walking though a forest of tree people.

the dancing tree people

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