Page 10 - 3 Methods of Tree Shaping
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3. Gradual tree shaping

            At  the  other  end  of  the  scale  to
            Arborsculpture,  there  is  gradual
            tree  shaping.  Pooktre  have

            detailed  their  method  in  the
            book  “Knowledge  to  Grow
            Shaped  Trees”  and  Dr  Chris

            Cattle  has  detailed  his  on  his
     3 Methods of T
            web site and he also sells kits.

            Gradual  tree  shaping  starts  with
            designing  and  framing.  Based  on

            tree  lore,  Pooktre  creates  the  design,  the
            supporting framework and then grows the tree
     ree Shaping
            entirely to that design.  These are fundamental
            to  the  success  of  the  piece.  Once  the  design
            and framing are setup the young seedlings or

            saplings, 3–12 in. (7.6–30.5 cm) high are planted.

            Training starts  with  young  seedlings  or

            cuttings  and  are  gradually  shaped  while  the
            tree is growing to form the desired shape. The                 A living chair grown using the pooktre gradual
            actual shaping of the tree requires day to day                 tree shaping method as detailed in the book
                                                                           “Knowledge to Grow Shaped Trees”
            or  weekly  guiding  of  the  new  growth  over
            seasons. The growth is guided along predetermined design pathways, this

            maybe a wooden jig or a shaped wire pathway. This avoids stressing the tree
            and it continues to grow vigorously and evenly.

            We at Pooktre feel, it is logical to shape the youngest part of a tree. We have
            always focused on the growing tip: this small part of the tree is where it all

            happens. The actual tip is stretching out as the cells expand to maturity. This
            is where the shaping zone begins.

            In our opinion the Pros of gradual tree shaping outweigh the Cons, therefore
            we chose to shape our trees using this process.

            Pros of Gradual tree shaping

            •  Even and balanced growth - As the trees are trained before the cells have
                set their direction, their growth remains strong and vigorous. The growth

                is predictable and even.
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