Page 6 - 3 Methods of Tree Shaping
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1. Aeroponic root shaping

             Aeroponic  is  a  process  of

             growing  fig  roots  in  a  nutrient
             rich mist to achieve lengths of 6
             meters  or  more,  allowing  roots

             to  remain  flexible  enough  to  be
             shaped at a later date. According to US
     3 Methods of T
             Patent  No.  7,328,532, trees  grown  aero-

             ponically stay “soft” and so can be subsequently
             shaped  to  form  ornamental  or  functional

             structures. As the root of the fig thickens so does the
             design. New designs and techniques are being put

             forward  as  eco-architecture,  which  may
     ree Shaping
             allow designers to grow and shape large
             structures        such        as      homes.

             Commercial  applications  of  the
             research are being developed by
             Plantware  now  called  Treenova-

             tion, a company founded in 2002.                Fig tree
                                                             seat  created by
             Treenovation  CEO  Ezekiel  Golan  Treenovation using  the techniques as described at their web site.
             hopes the first home prototype will
             be ready in about a decade. While
             this method of “growing your own home” can take years, the result is long

             lasting and, according to Ezekiel, particularly desirable in this emerging age
             of green architecture.

             In  our  opinion  the  Cons  of  Aeroponic  root  shaping  outweight  the  Pros,

             except in specialised circumstances. Here are the Pros.

             Pros Aeroponic root shaping

             •  Quick - If research proves the conjectures of this company correct many

                designs are possible, and could bring tree shaping into the reach of the

             •  Large scale - Once set up this could produce large quantities of trees for
                companies wanting to create large growing infrastructure.

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