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Cons Aeroponic root shaping

        •  No images of progress - We were first told about this concept in 2004
            by  the  CEO  of  Ezekiel  Golan  when  he  tried  to  enlist  us
            into designing and growing a fig house for Plantware. Going by their lat-

            est press release about the concept, there should be photos of  the liv-
            ing house prototype by now. With tree shaping we have found the most                                 Aeroponic root shaping
            common  reason  people  don’t  show  photos  of  their  project’s  progress

            beyond  the  initial  images  or  digital  renders  is  because  the  concept  or
            project didn’t work out as planned.
        •  Muscle  wood  -  When  Ezekiel  was  visiting  our  forest  he  explained

            about  fig  roots  having  a  one  way  muscle  that  can  shorten  by  at
            least  10%.  We  since  have  observed  this  in  our  own  fig  forest.  This

            shortening would distort any planned design.
        •  Most  roots  don’t  like  growing  above  ground  -  Treenovation  are
            trying to grow different tree species roots, they have commented to us about

            Australian gums. These trees don’t naturally grow with their roots hanging
            in the air and once planted into a design will have trouble with the roots

            drying out.
        •  Trees  are  starving  for  light  -  This  process  seems  to  be  forgetting  that
            trees need a large canopy to trunk ratio. Trees need this because light is

            their food. Once you have a large group of trees together some grow to
            dominate and shade the others starving them of light which slows their
            growth eventually killing the most shaded.

        The  two  other  processes  (Gradual  tree  shaping  and  Instant  tree

        shaping)  are  at  the  opposite  ends  of  the  tree  shaping  scale.
        With Pooktre’s technique, which is one form of gradual tree shaping, the tree is

        guided as it grows and at the other end is the Instant Arborsculpture process,
        which is basically pleaching.

          For example if someone was to braid three already formed branches as

        one braids hair, creating an instant shape, this would be Arborsculpture but
        not Pooktre. If Pooktre wanted to grow a braid, growth pathways and framing
        would be put in place first, then over the next season the new growth of a

        seedling would be trained along the pathways creating the braid.

        To go into more detail...

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