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                           Peter Cook    Becky Northey
                           3 Methods of Tree Shaping
                           Every Aspiring Tree Shaper should be Aware of
                           ISBN  978-1-921571-41-1
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                                       About the Authors

            Peter Cook and Becky Northey were invited to be the featured artists at the 2005 World
            Expo in Japan, where they were acknowledged as the world leaders in this art form. With
            a  combined  41  years  of  real-world  ex-
            perience,  they  have  developed  the  tree

            shaping process of Pooktre. As founders
            of Pooktre: a new way of viewing trees,
            they  are  internationally  known  artists,
            giving presentations, teaching individuals

            as  well  consulting  with  the  Queensland
            government. In addition to this, life size
            photos of their trees have been exhibited
            internationally and there has been world-

            wide media attention of their trees both in
            print and film.
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