Page 4 - 3 Methods of Tree Shaping
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The Basket Tree

                                                                           One  of  Axel          Erlandson’s
                                                                             famous Circus Trees

                                                                               These  6  trees  were  ap-

                                                                                proximately  60  years  old
                                                                                at the time of this image.
     3 Methods of T
                                                                                 They show the hall marks
                                                                                 of  the  gradual  method
                                                                                 with  even,  balanced  and

                                                                                 healthy growth.

                                                                                Although        Axel      never
     ree Shaping
                                                                                published       his     method
                                                                                or  techniques,  there  are

                                                                               disjointed  pieces  of  infor-
                                                                               mation  scattered  through
                                                                              out the many interviews with

                                                                            him  during  his  life  time,  that
                                                                           indicate  Axel  used  a  gradual
               method of shaping. Wilma Erlandson his daugter talks about him training very

               young growth. Our research and experience shows Axel’s trees are only achiev-
               able with the gradual method of tree shaping.

               Peace in Cherry

               Richard Reames’s most notable art to

               This  tree  was  approximately  12  years  old  at  the  time  of

               this  image.  It  was  created  using  the  instant  method
               (Arborsculputre)  as  detailed  in  his  books  “How  to  grow
               a  chair” and    “Arborsculpture”.  He  started  with  a  cherry

               that  had  5  branches.  In  1993  he  bent  them  into  the
               peace sign, taking less than an hour. Richard states this

               design was simple to create.

               Thanks to Wikipeida and Richard Reames for making this image available.
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